Panthers to sign QB Josh Love ahead of Week 9 matchup vs. Patriots


Dak prescott seems likely to play this week against denver. Robert solid did not rule out mike white keeping the starting job. So this is a pretty big audition for him. Thursday night at the colts james tornado. Acl tyrod taylor. Could play this week at miami russell wilson. Great tweet by russell wilson. No more pin time to win a tweet. It was it insta- whatever. It was so corny. No come on raggi a no more time to win. I love it you know. I'd love that though. Seattle could get chris carson back after the bye so hopefully wilson's back after the by their at green bay and that mr optimistic p carroll said friday that he wasn't sure carson would return this season and then when i think he's coming back we're capable says aren't motivated or something job outcomes no yes collins weird only seventy eight percent rostered. I think for guy was starting running back for a few weeks. What else we got here christian. Mccaffrey jamie already said looking more likely for next week. But there's a chance. He plays this week against the patriots. What about josh. Jacobs are expecting him at the giants. Yes yes we've any update on clyde eber dealer. No no but i'm scared to death when he comes back he's not gonna have anything close to resembling the role that he had before he got hurt. There are a decent amount. derek gore. What

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