A highlight from Brisnet Call In Show - October 14th 2021


N that's 88 9 6 6 four 7 7 6. Now here's endor rosa. Good evening. Horse racing nation. Seems to be some feedback. I apologize for that. Looking forward to this solo mission with the all first time. I think second time hosting alone maybe third time hosting overall, but definitely planning on having some fun, just tweeted out some topics that I'm looking forward to discussing. There's four of them. So for each of the 15 minute blocks, if I have to be the one to do all the talking, at least I'll have something to talk about. But of course, we want to hear from you and hopefully Lee is listening because I didn't write the number down. You can tell that to me. I can say it over and over again. But we want you to call in. I want you to talk to me there it is. 8 8 8 9 6 6 four 7 7 6. The number to chat with me and have some fun. So let's get to it. Breeders cup, three weeks away, Brissette is paying the bill. So I do want to say. That we do have the contender PPs out right now. I know that's something that people really look forward to getting and how do you use them this early? And I see online occasionally some chord along about, oh, who's handicapped in the brisk? Who's handicapping the breeders cup this early? It's too early, just things of that nature. And my answer to that is, you know, you're not necessarily looking for the winner of each race. Who's going to win this race or that race? In my mind, I want to get a sense for which races are going to be the most competitive. Where do I want to put my time into finding a winner or finding a long shot finding a race where maybe I'm against the horse, everyone else thinks a win is going to win. And with the contender PPs, that allows bris prime power to come into play. And you get a very quick sense of how competitive a race is going to be based on the prime power and how tightly bunched that group is or not. So for instance, Jackie's warrior certainly one that figures to stand out in the sprint, but you might look at a race like the, especially in the Philip sprint, but you might look at a race like the classic and say, wow, this is a lot closer than just Nick's go. Maybe this is my opportunity to find a price. Is she a world leader? Well, yeah, she already has sort of done that. But is she a single at odon? Maybe not. Maybe prime power says, hey, this race is a little closer than the wagering public is going to give it credit for. And speaking of that, somewhat of a segue into the first topic I listed on social media morning lines, I'm very curious what type of wagering that Jackie's warrior and the true school take. And the reason I picked those two in particular game it'll probably be the shortest price on the whole breeders cup program. And we'll eliminate her from the discussion in terms of short prices because that one's obvious. But Jackie's warrior asked this question earlier this week who's going to be a shorter price? Jackie's warrior or latrobe. And about, I think it was three fifths, 60% ish of the respondents, answered latrobe, which I thought was interesting because after her race, the spinster, there was a lot of chatter of people saying, oh, I can't wait to bet against la truce. She's the one, you know, she's a favorite and I'm, you know, looking forward to beating next out. And did not see much of that if any about Jackie's warrior and in my mind, the way they run the race is the way they're both coming into this breeders cup, not much separates them in terms of the talent they've shown. Obviously, different divisions and different competition. But it was surprising to me the depth of the difference between people who do not seem to have any interest in betting against Jackie's warrior even at a short price. Are lining up to bet against the what I think will be a similar short price in her race, assuming she goes to the distaff. So the morning line I think will be interesting in terms of what they hang on. I don't think we've ever seen a one to ten in the breeders cup. One to 5, I believe we have two to 5 for sure. Any honest morning line, especially with the short field, I think has to make her no less than or no more than one to two. And I think two to 5 is probably more fair. Which is an issue I have overall with morning lines. They typically do not make courses odds on that very clearly will be or they might do four to 5 when the horse is going to be one to 5. And I've talked to friends and colleagues about that. Some of which have actually made warning signs at major racetracks. And there's nuance to it and some politicking because four to 5 still tells the story and gives you uses up enough points where you're you're able to show some respect, so to speak to horses that are competing in stakes, races, especially.

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