Judge in Rittenhouse Case Criticized Following ‘Asian Food’ Comments


The judge in the Kyle rittenhouse case. Ordered Asian food in. I don't know for the jury for I don't know for whom, for himself. And made the following comment, you will now hear it from the judge. So this is now being played on CNN. The judge presiding over KAR rittenhouse's homicidal homicide trial made a strange and offensive joke inside the courtroom today. I want you to listen to what judge Bruce Schroeder said as the court was preparing to take a lunch break. Let's hope for one o'clock. I don't know if the Asian food isn't coming. It's on his not one of those boats and Long Beach harbor. So he appears to be referring to the supply chain backlogs caused by congestion problems in California ports. But his comments were offensive and perceived as anti Asian by some. And as placing blame on Asian people for a catastrophic event happening in this country. John Yang, the president and executive director of Asian Americans advancing justice told CNN that the joke and I quote here, harms our community and puts us in the crosshairs of microaggressions as well as actual physical violence. That's CNN as my producer just said. Where did they find us the Asian action association for justice or something? You see how they lie? I don't lying. Is not an issue to the left. The judge ordered Asian food, and made a crack, I hope it's not being delayed. In the Lake. How is that possibly anti Asian?

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