Memory Tricks and Treats - burst 4


Don't you miss him not really. I didn't much like him in the first place. Terrible thing to say he's your father. Yes i suppose so. But he wasn't a very good father and he wasn't a very nice man wasn't he. I thought he brought his present or some daddy gave us the press. He might have handed them to us. But i'm pretty sure it was mom who bought them or made them. Oh dear. i didn't know that. Why didn't i know that that horrible. I should've known that i was the big sister. I was supposed to look up to you. And you did sweetheart. You really did. And you did know what he was like. You've just forgotten. don't worry about it. We all forget things. But i seem to forget more things more and more things all the time such as me i forgot have but this there is still something i i know. There was something a question i wanted to us about. Daddy he as about daddy. Why did he go. why didn't he come back. I remember now waiting and waiting and and asking mummy and she would get cross and refused me. Did so cross not good to do you know nope. I really don't. I did try to find out years later. It seems he went to america to the states. And when i was over there studying in new york. I tried to track him down. But i had no luck whatsoever. Oh that's pitt yes. He'd probably changed his name and he was a clever clogs. He was certainly capable of reinventing himself completely. If he wanted to that such a shame. I can't help wondering do you wonder. Don't you still want to no not really. I gave that up. Life's too short. He didn't care enough about us to want to know how we were anything about us. Why should we waste time wondering about him. Oh i understand that. But but what helen. Yes darling helen. Why did i stop thinking about him. After all this time. And i really did yes. I really did want to know why he wasn't coming here to see me. As if i thought i was still a young girl i was what fifteen when he left holding. You're only fourteen. And i was six and i think it was much more of a trauma for you because well because you knew him for longer. I hardly knew him a tool. He was away so much. Oh yes that's right. I thought he was such an adventure. I really wasn't surprised when he went to way. But you were devastated. When he didn't come back it's a terrible

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