'Eurotrash' Author David Harsanyi Shares His Thoughts on Brexit


Welcome back to one on one with mitigated columnist David harsanyi. Well, let's grasp the nettle by the thorn Brexit. What does Brexit mean? Is it the last saving grace? Is it the Hail Mary? Or is it irrelevant in terms of the Euro trash ideas of the continent? Because at the end of the day, it's not the continent. It's the UK and it's the UK rejecting the bad ideas. Well, what is the geo strategic or historic import of those 17 million breaths saying thanks, but no thanks. Now, as you know, the British have always been a poor fit I think in the European Union or fit, the French didn't really even want them to be part of it initially. They are far more far less controlled than ever took on the currency. They're more free market oriented in general. The British are my favorite my favorite people in Europe because we come from them. We are their spawn. We have there. It's their ideas that made America great. I think they manifested in more better ways here in the long run and the British sort of abandoned many of them, but in general I'm a fan and I'm a fan of Brexit. But does it really change much? I don't think so. I mean, the so called conservatives in Britain are just in Europe, there is no real ideological right. There is a nationalistic right, perhaps. There is sort of a status right. But there aren't very many classical liberals on the right. There are some, I'm not saying, but when you have these governments, it's usually just once status party against another, which is what's happening now, probably in Britain for the most part. So I don't think it changes much in the trajectory of Europe itself. Obviously, it's different. I'm a bigger fan of Britain than Germany, but in the end, neither cold a torch to hold a candle to the United

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