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In this no nonsense coast guard captain said enough is enough in hatched a plan first tried in a backyard pool to stand to spill that has sullied the Gulf of Mexico for almost two decades. How do you define hero? We define it as at least in terms of our medal awarding requirement is a man or a woman that willingly and knowingly risk their life to an extraordinary degree to save or attempt to save the life of another human being. Thousands have been awarded the Carnegie hero medal, along with a $5500 prize. We wondered why some people are heroic. So we went to Georgetown university to see the neuroscience for ourselves. I'm Leslie stahl. I'm Bill Whitaker. I'm Sharon alphonse. I'm John wirth I'm. I'm norah O'Donnell. I'm Scott pelley. Those stories and more tonight on 60 minutes. This episode of the 60 minutes podcast is sponsored by our crowd. All around the world, tech companies are innovating and driving returns for investors. Our crowd analyzes companies across the global private market. Selecting those with the greatest growth potential. Then brings them to you. From personalized medicine to cybersecurity to robotics, quantum computing, and more.

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