The Washington Post Mocked Julie Kelly's Reporting of Terrible Inmate Conditions


You also broke the story about the conditions in the D.C. corrections facility I had you on We talked about it We were mocked by The Washington Post's Philip bump who has never been to the facility to check out what took place whenever federal judge Royce Lambert who sent the U.S. Marshals in there at a surprise inspection and basically the judge said the conditions are disgusting They're unacceptable That detainees may have civil rights issues And I notice The Washington Post didn't pick up on that either Julie did you notice that Yes another thing that seems to be missing in this huge puzzle as they marked us and certainly is covered with more heated incendiary rhetoric every January 6th case in defendant they don't seem to be interested not only in the conditions that they found for the January 6th the political prisoner but also just the general conditions of that D.C. jail that so bad they're actually moving out 400 inmates and I'm also hearing word marks that they are going to be moving out a lot of the January 6th defendants as well It's just an abusive disgusting drug ridden hellhole for everyone who's there but it's important to note that the January 6th defendants have not been convicted of any crime yet They are simply there under pretrial detention orders dictated by D.C. district court judges who are as bad as federal

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