A highlight from Best Spooky & Horror Trek Episodes!

The Omega Particle


On your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading. You've discovered the omega particle streaming to the alpha quadrant in beyond beyond. Here's your host. The anchorman of the federation the doctor of lithium. This is jonathan weekend. Welcome to the omega particle. I am your gracious and humbled hosts john megan and today. We're actually going to be doing something we've never really done before it's talking about like the scary slash whore episodes of star trek. Now if you're not from the southern united states. I said horror not hor blue looking at me like you may need to clarify that. Because these are the horror episodes. Yeah which. I think there are few of those but this is a family podcast them. We don't we. Don't do that here so anyway. Thank you and welcome to the program. We are streaming across the fruited plane known as the alpha quadrant. Thank you so much again for tuning in i mean. I think we're going to talk about this in the future. But i'm some people have been asking me. Why have you not done Lower deck episode reviews as they've come out you know You've done them for picard. You've done them a little for discovery it's kind of but but why not lower deck's and my reasoning and thought processes number one. It's not good content. It's just not the best. Because i feel like okay. It's twenty two minutes show right. Twenty two twenty four minutes show. I'm gonna make a thirty or forty five episode. Podcast about like what happened in the twenty to twenty four minutes. That just seems to me yet. Desperate and you don't want to do the work for the good content. that's my opinion. Now we will be doing an entire season review of lower deck season two. It was really good. I really enjoyed it a lot more than i. It definitely took off running and he didn't have the same hurdles as the first season did but there are still some letdown. But we'll get into that On another day but yeah just wanted to address that real quick. Because i know a lot of you've been asking so let's just cut right into it again. Yeah the best horror scary episodes of star trek. You wanna roll that luna fun will now commence so the first episode. We're going to talk about today's is one of my favorite episodes Just because of how random it felt in the canon of deb's ds nine so the first episode is of course i mentioned on ds nine season. Five twenty four m park nor So today it really felt. Like i don't know if you guys are ninety kids or not. But i am and we used to have this show. Nickelodeon called legends of the hidden temple. And you would like answered questions and gold monkeys and all this kind of nonsense and That's kind of what this episode felt like to me like they're going around they have all these booby-traps because empathy ignore is inexact carbon copy of iraq nor aka deep space nine because a credentialing built it so deep space nine is falling apart Literally and captain sisko approves sending o'brien noggin garrick and a few quote unquote yellow shirts. Yellow faulk cannon fodder to purposely die empire. Ignore to kind of get those replacement parts that they need and There's a dude on this. His name is crewmen piccetti and he looks literally. Like trip tucker. It's kind of like probably if we're being real nerdy. You could make the connection but he he definitely looks like trip tucker. It's a ankeny resemblance. And maybe he's the one that survives. Maybe we just never mind anyway So they arrive at the station and this booby-traps that they have in place is that so to card asan's away and they've put it been putting stasis for this unknown reason so garrick reveals that like. Hey these cards sometimes. Kardashians left people in stasis and gave them like this psychotropic. Drug that amplifies xenophobia. So so you have these like space. Nazis even more drugged out and racist though great and it turns out space. Racism is contagious because garrick eventually gets infected by this psychotropic drug and he liked starts taking out starkly members the other kardashians. The other like acrid. Asan's are on the ship trying to kill everybody So now you have this like uber intelligence spy it's now like a super killing space races. And so it's kind of like okay.

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