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Nationwide since last year, there has been a 53% increase in the murders of police officers. Police departments are dealing with growing resignations, too. So is it possible that defunding the police may help? The adage has been in law enforcement since forever. 80% of what we do has nothing to do with law enforcement. It's all social work. The kitten up the tree stuff, do you need a badge and a gun for that? And we're starting to cut away at the things that we've asked law enforcement to do that they don't want to do. This is it? That's it. Oh wow. If you are planning to travel by air over the holidays and millions of Americans are, would you jump at the chance to get to your destination in half the time? When I look several decades out, what I want is to be able to be anywhere in the world in four hours for a hundred bucks. Now, that's not where we start, but that's the end goal. That's the temple of Castro and Paul. Exactly. Exactly. The Roman Empire centered around conquests and the outsized personalities of its emperors. Research and archeology continue to search for reliable evidence from that time and tonight will introduce you to some new discoveries about one of the most ridden about, if not misunderstood emperors of all time. Caligula. I can't believe that we were sitting on the steps that Caligula may have walked on. It's amazing. I'm Leslie stahl. I'm Bill Whitaker. I'm Anderson Cooper. I'm Sharon alphonse. I'm John worthy. I'm Scott pelley. Those stories and more tonight on 60 minutes. This episode of the 60 minutes podcast is sponsored by our crowd. All around the world, tech companies are innovating and driving returns for investors. Our crowd analyzes companies across the global private market. Selecting those with the greatest growth potential. Then brings them to you. From personalized medicine to cybersecurity to robotics, quantum computing, and more. In state of the art labs start up garages and anywhere in between. Our crowd is

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