A highlight from (Episode 266) 'What Happened, Brittany Murphy?' Film Composer: Genevieve Vincent.


Critic podcast. Here is Derek Thomas. Murphy has died. Media justice is surrounded by home that she shared with her husband Simon mon Jack. Simon took her away. He made sure no one could get to her. Hi, her name is Brittany Murphy and I go to the river middle school. Brittany was so wonderful. There was nobody else like her. There was kind of a sweet childish lost quality that she had that just breaks your heart. She was successful immediately. You can not be a teen girl and not love Britney in 8 mile clueless. These are movies that will stand the test of time. Pretty Murphy was super cute, but in Hollywood, you have to be Gwyneth Paltrow. She was not a typical pretty girl. And so many young women in Hollywood are pressured enormously. She had lost an enormous amount of weight, and she was dressing totally differently. She said, that's what I've been told. If I wanted to be considered as a leading lady during a little dip she was having, he came along. And I think that's where her judgment was muddled, and she became pray. Simon said that he was the largest collector of Vermeer, dated Elle McPherson and Madonna. He said that he had been dying from terminal brain cancer and that he had bought an experimental treatment derived from the fins of sharks. Every single word out of his mouth was a lie. We all were scared and freaked out. Like, who? Was this guy? Once they got married, they were holed up in that house. 24 7. Nobody got close to her. We start to think, well, okay. Who gained from her dying. There were more unanswered questions after the autopsy came out than there were answered questions. People start thinking, there's more behind this. There's something else. Simon had all these secrets. He actually said, people in the government were watching them. Britney's dad was sure someone had done it. You visibly see mold. Is the house first? Something made her sick. A

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