Doug the ugly New Zealand potato could be world's biggest


A couple in New Zealand may have grown the world's largest potato Colin and Donna Craig brown were weeding their garden Collins hope hit something I got the full king Javed intellect and put it in the ground and Holly seven total place what's going on they began digging around the big object could be a giant puffball or a strange fungal growth it's a potato a seventeen pound potato the size of a couple of sacks of regular potatoes or one small dog this potato is not pretty Donna Greg brown says it's gotten ugly mutant look they've got a name for it Doug after the way they found it they even built a small cart to chose dog around full salary done I've not arms and legs and that sort of thing stock monitor Miller Charlie so you can take me and given to the sun shining on them their potato growing tip throw a bunch of cow manure and strong on the garden and see what happens I'm a Donahue

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