Michael J. Knowles: A Thought-Experiment for Liberals on Abortion


You know this is a thought experiment that I give to leftists a fair bit very similar to the question you're asking It's not even just a thought experiment It's a simple risk analysis I'll say okay so you're a 100% certain that a baby who was just born your 100% certain that that baby is alive and that baby is a human being Okay And then the week before the baby is born you're still basically a 100% sure Okay call it 99% Okay And then a month or two before what are you You're 70% and then maybe three or four months before what are you 50% 40% 30% Now listen you and I know that the baby is alive from the moment of conception We know the baby is a human being is not a platypus and he's not a giraffe He's a human being But okay let's ask the leftist All right how confident are you that one month after he was conceived That baby is not alive in that baby is not a human How confident are you at the moment of conception If you are even 5% 10% uncertain maybe it is a baby Maybe it is a human Maybe it is alive Are you really willing to take that kind of a risk since roe versus wade 60 million babies have been killed in this country This case it is not an overstatement to say this is the most important Supreme Court case that we have seen in our lifetimes that we will see in our lifetimes Countless millions of lives rest on how this case is going to be determined And as you mentioned earlier on the future of the conservative movement if the conservative legal movement can not defend this most basic thing we lost marriage We lost the definition of sex We lost Obama We keep losing But if we can not defend life if we can't overturn this egregious roe versus weight decision then the conservative legal movement is useless

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