What To Drink (MM #3913)


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason, as I've gotten older, I finally started paying more and more attention to my health. I probably should have started doing that 25, 30 years ago, but as I've gotten older, I pay more attention to things I'm doing and what I'm not doing what I should be doing. Things like drinking more water. I've always said I hate water, I hate the taste of it, but I drink more water now than any other beverage. But what's interesting is you learn what to drink and what not to drink. We all know more water the better. We all know too abstain as much as possible from alcohol and there are certain kind of alcohol that's better than others. Red wine better than white wine, beer is one of the worst because the calories, but something else that kind of surprised me of course all the doctors tell you to stay away from soft drinks, especially the kind that diet soft drinks which are bad for you. But what's interesting is there's been a study recently that says soft drinks cause problems with aging of your brain. The more and more research we're able to do on soft drinks, the more we realize they are bad for us. But me, maybe two or three a month now, and I don't really miss them as much as I thought I would. If they tell me to stop drinking tea, I'm in trouble.

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