Three Victims of Michigan High School Shooting Identified


I want to stop and ask you to pray for the people of Oakland county and Oxford township, Michigan, where three students were murdered 8 injured, three of whom are in critical condition of 15 year old boy, a 17 year old girl and a 14 year old girl who was on a ventilator. And of course, hundreds traumatized and the high school, well, the high school gets kudos for me. Because when a 15 year old boy walked in with the hand gun that his father had bought legally on Black Friday and opened fire, I believe a total of 17 people were wounded in some way, three dead three struggling for their lives. And those three who are dead could be any kid anywhere. I'm looking at their names in the New York Post report, not The Washington Post report. Tate Meyer, a 16 year old standout football player at Oxford high school, died of his wounds on the way to the hospital and the vaccine of patrol car. Hannah saint giuliana, a 14 year old Madison Baldwin, a 17 year old. This could be kids anywhere any high school anywhere. This is a TikTok video made by one of the students who is not injured if you're watching on the Salem news channel. Please do download it. It's just better to watch the sale on this channel. This is what they would see and listen to what they say. Yes. They come out. Let me stop for a second set this up. The video is of about, I would guess 15 to 20 students inside they're very well trained.

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