A highlight from Deck the Lifetime Uncorked - 2021 Lifetime Christmas Preview #1

Deck The Hallmark


I'm brand. And i love lifetime. Christmas movie some dan. I despise lifetime. Christmas movies. And i'm patrick. Your lifetime movie. Expert and i guess. I like lifetime and hallmark critical to. I don't know i don't care. And this is the time uncork pod. Oh so go. Oh it hits. Wow that's the definition of hitting new studio who this newson. All all jammed doubts for the christmas season. Jamie out. indeed. We did it just for deck watch on court. We're gonna mess everything back toward the home full team. Construction seen they are on call. Twenty four seven Very excited over the next few weeks. We'll be previewing the thirty five Christmas who is at lifetime is putting out. This is a very interesting year so far. Because as of the recording of this We know so little about hallmark in so much about lifetime wild. We've only done one preview. Show for hallmark. Because that's all that we really cut our teeth. On the hallmark preview episodes. We we got. We got really excited about those last year and did a a half dozen now. We've got nothing. We've gotten no information and we're just like these twelve movies. I right lifetime on it. That's right. I can't believe that that that is the case. Like what's going on hamas they comic. Why are we being so secretive. It's it's a mystery. I don't know if it is like Like ga- gac related. They're trying to be secretive because of bill. Abbott or a rumor that it was i t. se related yahtzee related which is not Which is like that strike. The has come to an end or they never had to strike right. So i don't think it's that i think it might be gac related. You think they're just trying to be secretive. I think i don't know or are they. Just you're less organized somehow. The needs to be i. I don't. I don't know i don't know patrick dino about the gac are you caught up to are up-to-date with everything in that regard. Yes the nineties Toy rain we're with talking about the best toy. It was so great guy told me about this. Last time i was on the pod and It sounds wild. I think there's everybody's making christmas movies. You know i think net flicks just released their christmas movie lineup.

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