A highlight from The Larry Elder Show 10-19-21 Hr 1 TUEa


Really factor dot com studio. We talked yesterday about the supply chain, disruption. I said, one of the big factors is that they are now requiring trucks to be no older than three years. I fact checked it got fact checked. Turns out that apparently is not a big reason or a reason at all, but that does not left leave California off the hook. I will explain later on. It's called something called AB 5, which became an issue during the campaign that turned a whole bunch of independent contractors into employees, including owner operators of trucks. That is a big factor. We talking about that later on. Joe Biden's job approval hit a new low at 36%. However, among Democrats, it is still close to 70%. They might be watching a lot of CNN. Supermarket owner warned food prices will go up tremendously. Probably more than enough to offset the $300 you got for not working. Philadelphia passes another bill that helps criminals commit crimes speaking of Philadelphia here about the woman on the subway who was raped. And apparently people were filming it, doing nothing, however, to stop the rape. More on how Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent $400 million to ensure that Joe Biden got elected. And a former New York Times writer went on the CNN show called Brian stelter, which I watched till you don't have to. A man who's been largely responsible or heavily responsible for pushing the Trump hatred, she went on his show and blast it censorship that he was engaging in, and it was comical because she's making a search and he would go so what you're saying is that there's a cancel culture going on? Yes. You're part of it? All of that in more triple 8 9 7 one S 8 GE triple 8 9 7 one 7 two four three. Now, a couple of things about California and my race to succeed the current governor of California. Got a letter from a friend of mine. He is a partner with a major law firm. Does extremely well. I haven't seen his ten 40 but I suspect he does pretty well. I don't think you're gonna throw. Benefit for him anytime soon. Dear Larry subject line, my move to NDA. Says my family and I moved to Indiana, Indianapolis, the end of July. Bought a house in northern in a northern Minneapolis suburb

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