Facebook, Instagram Down for Hours After Whistleblower Goes Public. Coincidence?


This is really interesting. How facebook goes down again. You might be listening to this at some point as we post all these things and everything might be solved with this but the fact that facebook goes down for as long as telegrams having issues. Twitter's having issues. It's bizarre but it's also on the same day that the facebook whistle francis haagen or twenty. Four hour news cycle says that facebook is realized that they changed the algorithm to be safer people spend less time on the site the click less and they make less money now understand. This whole whistle blower thing is a fake psychological operation to try to justify more government censorship over the internet. It is an attack from the left to say that facebook is not doing enough to censor voices like ours. play cut twelve. It's easier to inspire people to anger and it is to other emotions. Misinformation angry contents is enticing to people. Entertaining keeps them on the platform. Yes facebook has realized that if they change the algorithm to be safer people will spend less time on the site the click unless ads. They'll make less money and so she's trying to make the argument that facebook's entire business model is around promoting and monitoring hate now. Interestingly facebook is totally down telegrams having massive issues back yeah. My telegram right here is not even loading interesting. How that works. So there's something going on right now. That is multi institutional so this facebook whistle blower comes out and starts to complain about all of this and we are now experiencing problems on facebook on twitter instagram. Snapchat to talk as someone is some state actor attacking every single major social media and communication company. Right now where we prepared for this.

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