Loudoun County Father Becomes Face of 'Domestic Terrorism' for Alleging Daughter Was Raped in School Bathroom


Now mat I just want to switch topics You have been heavily involved in this fight against CRT Virginia resident which is great Virginia I'm sure loves loves having you But that fight in loudon counties got ugly The daily wire had a story up today That just is I mean beyond disturbing I mean it's like savagery So there's this father who's a daughter was attacked and sexually assaulted and then some of these bureaucrats start going after the dad because he spoke out against some of this transgender ideology being pushed out of the stories just hard to believe I know you saw it Your thoughts on that Yeah this was wild kind of school district was trying to push this policy of opening the bathrooms up and allowing the boys into the girls room And while that was happening while this fight was happening there was a case allegedly where a boy went into a girl's bathroom and raped the girl and he's been charged he's been charged with it And the school the crime is horrible and then as always in these situations you have the institutional cover up and so apparently what happened is that they told the father we want to keep this in-house And the father was understandably upset I think one of the worst and most despicable things on the part of school and the school system is the way the way that they've tarnished this man who I mean anyone who's a father I have a daughter If this is what happened to my daughter I can't even imagine what my reaction would be and to lash out and be angry and yell That's the least of what would be justified And he goes to a school board meeting and he gets he's very upset obviously because this happened to his daughter and speaking out against these policies and there's a minor altercation that happens involving him No one is injured seriously injured or anything And they take that as this is one of their prime examples now of alleged violence at school board meetings It's one of the only times that there's anything that could remotely be called violent even though again it's just a minor skeleton And they're using that as an example to not only tarnish him but everybody all other parents and say well they're all a bunch of domestic cares That's what we need to get the FBI

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