Political Commentator Paris Dennard on the Virginia Governor's Race


What an amazing opportunity. We have in Virginia and I want to visit with Paris denard who is an incredible voice for the not only for conservatism, but definitely for the Republican Party. He is currently the national spokesperson and director of black media affairs for the Republican National Committee. He worked in The White House, under president George W. Bush, and he was an official media surrogate for the victorious Donald J Trump for president campaign. Paris, it's great having you on the program. Thanks so much for taking time out of what I know is a very busy day for you. How are you sure? Hey, Mike, it's good to be with you. It is a busy day, but I'm excited about being on your show today. Well, I'm excited to chat with you because I appreciate your work so much. And you're one of those folks that I pay attention to very closely to listen to in terms of where the tea leaves are. Give me your feelings about Virginia before we kind of dive into some of the projects you're working on because a whole lot of us are holding our breaths and praying for Glenn young. Well, look, Virginia is in a good shape because we are excited about the momentum that we see coming from the Republicans in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Look, I happen to live in Virginia. I voted for blond young, and I'm inspired by glennon and I think he is the type of leader that the Commonwealth needs. But he's part of a big ticket and there's a lot of great candidates running at all levels of government therapy junior who are worthy of the support as well. But what we see today is a very tight race race that shouldn't be this type because you have someone who quite frankly, the people know. They know Terry McCullough. He was governor before. They know his policies, but you know what? They're rejecting Terry mcauliffe because he's far outside of the mainstream. His policies are not supported by the people of Virginia. That's why you see such a close race because they look at his positions. On parents, they reject the notion that parents should not have a role in their children's education. Are you kidding

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