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This is the Paul Fein bomb show hour three podcast. And the second half of the show is live and we appreciate you dropping on die. Let's check in with Mike who is up next in Texas. Hey, Mike. Hi Paul. Good afternoon to you. Thank you. Good afternoon. A few days back, I was watching your show and somebody called in and they wanted to know the disparity between, I think it was Kentucky, getting a $250,000 fine and a and M only getting a 100,000 and you said you had check in on it, but the way I understand it is that somebody and the SEC headquarters keep score and it's $50,000 per event. Now, I don't know if it matches out at $250,000. If you've got more than 5 times that you've been lost, but that was a difference cause that no at a and M that was their second egregious fault and rushing the field once of an overtime with LSU and then again with the Alabama game. Yeah, I think you are correct about that. There is a scale first offense, second offense. Yeah, I don't know what happens if you're like a 5 time loser. I'm not sure what they do to you, but they make you stay after school, I guess. Yeah. The one other observation has washing the Tennessee homes game. The people that really took the brand all that mischievous activity were the people on the ground floor, and they were Tennessee fans. Yeah, you're right. I mean, when you're throwing a mustard bottle from whatever row, you're in. Unless you're Peyton Manning, you're probably not going to hit your target very well. Hey, thank you very much for the call. Floyd is up next. Go right head Floyd. Thank you, Paul for taking my call. Gentlemen called in a few minutes ago one of the explanation as to why that TD that they've been scooped up and carried in was all back. I was watching the game and the announcers talked to the ahead of visual. In the stadium. And his explanation was that the two referees it took off following the guy that carried the ball in for a touchdown from DeepMind's one of them should have made the call that corral was stopped in front of the ball. Right. And they didn't want the other referees did. And so we were lost to touchdown, but reasonably got the football was that it was fourth down. Okay. That is a good explanation. And I'm glad you shared that with us. I take care of yourself. Bill is up next in Houston. Hey Bill. Hey, Paul. How's it going? Very well. I just wanted to get your opinion on this real quick. I'm kind of curious. And this is a poll question. You know, every year, at the beginning of the year, they usually take the big name schools, the SEC schools, and they put them at the top of the polls. The season starts and a lot of these schools lose. But the schools with the big names dropped one or two, but the regular skills take a Cincinnati. If Cincinnati lose one game, they drop all the way out of the top ten. If Oregon beats Ohio State, Oregon drops down, but Ohio State stays close to the top. Now, you know, just looking at if the game is played on the field, rather than somebody picking their favorite teams, I'm just trying to understand how is it that you are truly getting a true champion if you're only picking the schools who you think? I mean, Alabama has been great for years. We know that. But anybody else in the SEC has been up and down and up and down. A and M has done no better in the SEC than they did in the big 12. And so I'm trying to understand how is it that they're really getting the best teams in there if they're only picking the teams that they think are the better teams. Well, Bill, thanks for the call. Again, let me explain the polls don't matter at all. Their beauty contest what matters when it comes to picking the college football playoff is a 13 person committee that we will start talking about in two weeks quite a bit. And they evaluate every game they get together every weekend starting in two weeks. And they come up with a list. So it has nothing to do with what happened in the past or the perception, whether we quibble with this group or not, and quite frankly, as much as I have criticized them, they have essentially gotten a right at the end of the year. Maybe not in the build up, but they usually get it right toward the end. Let's continue with more phone calls. And Mitch is up next. Hello and ka Paul, how are you today? Well, Mitch, how are you? I'm doing well. Can I make a quick observation before I ask your question? Sure. Hello? Yeah, go ahead and have Mitch. I think Jim needs to give his dentures reattach base talent is slipping. Recently. If you were a coach in college football,

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