What Ever Happened to the Clinton Crime Family Investigation?


Hey, Charlie, whatever happened to the investigation into the clintons. Do you think they're ever going to go to jail? Thanks so much Quinn from Virginia. It's interesting. Actually, Merrick Garland was asked about this and Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton who ran or run the Clinton crime family. You don't hear as much from them lately, except that Bill Clinton was hospitalized, and in addition to that, we all know the crimes that the Clinton family committed in Haiti, we know that they basically ran an international money capturing scheme from foreign governments to sell access. And isn't it interesting how the Clinton foundation stopped being so popular as soon as they got out of popular life in close to political power. I thought they were doing such wonderful work to cure river blindness and get young people in power, but as soon as they're no longer in political positions of authority, it's all the donations start to dry up. Merrick Garland admits and cut 87, the investigation into the clintons is ongoing. Play cut 87. In September of 2020, press reports indicated that special counsel Durham's team was seeking information on the FBI's handling of the Clinton foundation investigation. And can you commit to allowing the special counsel Durham's investigation to proceed? You would know if he weren't continuing to do his work. I'll take that as a confirmation that the investigation is continuing. This Department of Justice is corrupted. It's in the midst of many different controversies. Merrick Garland has a lot of answers that he has to deliver. A lot of things he has to answer for, in regards to his children and his son in law, making millions of dollars off the critical race theory that he's trying to deploy shock troops off to try to prevent.

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