The Daily Signal Exposes Marc Elias as a Curse to the McAuliffe Campaign


So I should point that out We'll keep an eye on him a mark Elias I think I've talked about him more than anybody else Let me just point out That this is from the daily signal Laura Mark Elias has in some ways been the Democrats Forrest Gump of election controversy showing up in the most high profile election cases of the past two decades His involvement spans the improbable Senate victory at comedian Al Franken in O 8 to litigation both before and after the 2020 election The law is reputation may have been the reason a spokesperson from Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry mcauliffe suggested the campaign try to kill quote unquote a Fox News story that the campaign paid 53 grand a higher Elias I would suspect the reason they wanted to kill the stories that Mark Elias clients are often candidates that lost elections And all candidate wants to give the impression they're worried about losing said our friend Hans von cops key to the daily

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