Get to Know the Sleaze Marc Elias, Hired by the McAuliffe Campaign


Done In 2020 Elias led lawsuits all over the country to train state laws to allow for expanding mail in an absentee voting It'll allow the controversial practice of ballot harvesting April of last year the laureate filed more than 20 lawsuits in 14 states and vowed to double that by the end of the election cycle And he's founder of the democracy docket a website devoted to election litigation He began the 2020 election cycle As general counsel for Kamala Harris presidential campaign and he ended the years lead counsel for Biden's presidential campaign fighting lawsuits after of course he had launched so many of them himself In March the 5th U.S. circuit Court of Appeals sanctioned this guy and other lawyers with the Washington based firmer Perkins coie for filing a redundant and misleading motion In a case over a Texas law that scrapped straight ticket voting That's the sleaze That McCullough is

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