When Did China Really Know?


China. No that the couch virus was going to be released now. We have been pretty bolt on this program. In saying that china likely concocted a scheme to either intentionally release the virus on their own citizens or it released accidentally and make quickly pivoted an adjusted to try and use the virus as a way to strengthen the chinese communist party regime and squash and clamp down on any sort of backlash domestically in america. By saying. that's racist. That's terrible but a new story out today. From human events dot com. I write a piece for human events every so often. Some great people behind him events china. Pr test orders soared. Before i ever reported kobe case government contracts show surges in wuhan area purchase. A starting in may of two thousand and nineteen. Why would china be ordering tests. Which is how you test for. The virus starting in two thousand nineteen of in the month of may so the first recorded case was in november that we know of even through the whistle blowers and the people are in depth in the lower levels of the chinese. Not the lord loves the higher levels of the chinese communist party government but they're willing there at at the threshold of where actually the communication is happening a study conducted by internet two point. Oh concludes that base. Data analyzed the virus spreading in wuhan china as early as the summer of two thousand nineteen and most definitely by the early fall of two thousand nineteen.

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