Very Few People Do Monstrous Things While Thinking 'I'm Doing Something Monstrous'


I'm talking to the husband of Molly Hemingway, Mark Hemingway together they put together a brand new book called rigged, how the media big tech and the Democrats seized our elections. Mark, you were just saying that these generals and others who signed the letter calling the Hunter Biden laptop story Russian disinformation, they seem all to have known that they were lying that they were lying to the American people that they were using their public personae in a way that would be effective because of who they are and because of their titles. And that they did it because they thought they had to save the republic from another Trump presidency. And I only half jokingly refer to Hitler because very few people do monstrous things thinking I'm doing something monstrous. They always have what they think of as good reasons. The difference is that in a country of laws, like the United States of America, there are these guardrails. There's the constitution. We have jail for people who break laws. How is it you think that so many high figures, including Hillary Clinton would very very seriously lie? Another was know that they're lying and with a straight face, speak to American voters and citizens and say things that they know aren't even slightly true. With some desired effect. Do you suppose that they never thought that they would be found out? Is that part of it? I mean, so in the case of someone as large as Hillary Clinton, I mean, I do think that they're do exist, you know, avaricious narcissists at a level in our league leadership in this country that should be concerning to us. As for, you know, people that are further down the rung that are the lieutenant supporting all this nonsense, I think a big part of the problem, of course, is the media in this country. We have a hugely asymmetric media system in this country. You know, if I want to know what a liberal in this country thinks I can turn on the television in ten seconds later, I know what it is. You know, liberals in this country on the other hand, because they have such hegemonic control of all of these institutions, you know, they're not out there subscribing to the Claremont review of books or watching Eric metaxas to see what conservatives think about important

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