Trump Says Republicans Won't Vote in Midterms, 2024 Elections


And I know president Trump is on the warpath about the election of 2020. And I don't even want to tackle this because I'm afraid I'm going to open the floodgates. But Trump said yesterday, you know, Republicans won't vote until we fix the election problems of 2020. You know, I hear that from a lot of callers. First of all, and I love the guy, and I'm a Trump supporter and if he runs in 2024 and I pray he does, he'll win. Joe Rogan is right. Trump's gonna run and he's gonna win. But we need Republicans to not even consider staying home. Republican governors are fighting hard for election integrity laws. It's happening in states all over the country. Republican elected officials are trying. Now, I know that it's a tough uphill battle. When you take COVID and change election laws under the guise of COVID, it's a tough, tough battle. I know that you can not accept staying home. I'm

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