Christopher Rufo's Reaction to the Federalization of School Board Meetings


Chris ruco senior fellow Manhattan institute who's been on top of this critical race theory issue for years Chris thank you for all that you've done and all that you're doing You know this national school board association letter I was an old school board member when I was 19 or 20 years old This board represents nobody This looks like an inside job They write a letter on the 29th with all these allegations of very few examples And to the president of the United States and then within 5 days the Department of Justice issues this Stasi like memo What do you make of this Yeah I think it's absolutely clear from the timing and also the context that school board officials as well as the national teachers union including Randy weingarten and the NEA which represent millions of public school teachers They're starting to lose the argument about critical race theory about masking and schools And so they realized that they have to take more heavy handed measures So they reached out to their longtime partners people who are willing to do their bidding and the Biden administration And you see immediate compliance and then immediate celebration from the school board association president from the national teachers union president This is a very clear politicization of the Justice Department of the FBI of the office of attorney general to send it very clear signal If you're protesting against the authorities in your local area we're going to monitor you We're going to suppress you We're going to chill your speech and you're very basic rights of speech and assembly I think it's very concerning And I'm glad that people are starting to take notice and push

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