Minister Jeremy Story Was Arrested for Disorderly Conduct at a School Board Meeting


Welcome. I have an important story to share with you very important. A number of years ago, I got to meet a friend, Jeremy story here in New York City. He's now a minister in the Austin, Texas area. He wrote me about something that's going on there with regard to school boards. As you know, this stuff lights me up infuriates me sickens me as an American, what is happening. And so I thought, let's get Jeremy on to talk about it. So Jeremy welcome. Thank you for having me today Eric. I appreciate it. Well, I'm glad that you wrote to me. So tell us the story. I mean, the short version is is that I was arrested by a school board unlawfully in order to silence me from speaking. Today, nationally, we hear stories about violent parents and the Biden administration coming against them. But in actuality, there's also another side of that story. And I am that story, as well as another gentleman in our district who was an army captain who was arrested as well. Basically what we were speaking out against Eric was, and what I was speaking out against was I'd been I'd seen how our superintendent was hired in June by a violation of the Texas open meetings act, which means that the several of the board members coordinated behind the scenes to hire the superintendent, which is a fence that carries prison time. And because I spoke out on that, then I was contacted by a lady who explained to me that she had been assaulted by the superintendent. She had been she was pregnant with his child, and he had tried to assault her when she refused to have an abortion. Because he was wanting her to cover up his illicit affair with this woman. And so when she wouldn't do that, he went over to her house and according to her assaulted her. He threatened her via text message prior that he was going to take care of the child if she wouldn't take care of it. And then when she tried to go to the school board to get some help, two school board members tried to help her, the other 5 who had voted for the superintendent ignored her in a couple of them actually notified the superintendent, which then precipitated the assault the

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