NY Times Lies About Number of Children Hospitalized in Last Year


Disturbed the new york times clause that sweden and denmark halted the use of the madeiran vaccine children too often not common too often his leads to bad truly dangerous reactions with regard to the heart so the new york times lied and said who has finland has now joined. Yeah that that's i didn't know i knew. They were voting on it. So it's now three countries that are not giving them a derna vaccine to children. We want to do that in the us. Because i i believe from the bottom of my heart that the health authorities in this country don't give damn about children just as teachers general. Don't care about children just for the record. Teachers unions as much about children as the soviets cared about workers. New york times lied therefore gigantic lie. It said that nine hundred thousand children were hospitalized in the last year. Actually here here in a few months. So now they've corrected sexually sixty three thousand so they lie factor of sixty three or sixty into Into ninety a hundred times sixty six hundred thousand than do one hundred fifty times li- exaggerate. That's that's what they they've corrected so embarrassing it so obviously ally but there'll be people who will still site it will be cited forever just as people site the new york times description of me even those ally new york times lies because it's on the left every left wing. Get an institution lies and older spokesman to bring those lies to you on a daily basis. Truth is not a left-wing value.

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