Haitian gang wants $1 million ransom for each of the 17 kidnapped missionaries


And I'm already Shapiro 17 people from a Christian aid mission who were abducted in Haiti over the weekend are still missing They were with an organization called Christian aid ministries based in Ohio and because Laurel Walmsley is following the situation hi Laurel Hi Ari What's the latest on this abduction Well a gang called 400 mouse has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and is reportedly asking for a ransom of $1 million per person The U.S. and Haitian governments are working to free them as is Christian aid ministries I should mention that this group's abduction is far from the only kidnapping that's happened in Haiti where there's been a huge spike in kidnappings recently mostly a patient people There have been a 119 kidnappings just in the first half of October according to the local nonprofit center of analysis and research of human rights

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