Mike Speaks to Ashli Babbitt's Husband Aaron


Had a chance to sit. Down with aaron babbitt ashley baboots husband and i wanted to share my conversation with you here. On the mike gallagher show. We've spent a lot of time on this. Show talking about the tragedy of ashley babbitt. I know her husband wouldn't wanna referred to as a tragedy but the nation became very familiar with her her Her story as she went to the capital on january sixth. And as we've said over and over again was literally the only person who was killed as a result of any of the actions of the Of those who were demonstrating at at at the capitol. Aaron babbitt has been. I think a voice. That ashley would be very proud of representing her her memory representing her life talking to the media and as this sunday i believe is ashley's birthday. There's gonna be a rally to to lift her up into lift up. Aaron joins us here on the mike. Gallagher show aaron. Thank you for taking time out of your day to to visit with us. I know i speak for millions of people who who want to share with you. How sorry we are for your loss. And how how. How just awful. This journey must have been for you to to watch your wife. Go off to washington. Dc january sixth and have happened. what happened. it's the it's been the longest nine. Plus months of my life are but also the quickest. I realized that january six twenty twenty twos just the bowling of an ira and it's it's already been a year now but you did hit the nail on the head to where when i kissed my wife goodbye on on january. Never for a second thought. She wouldn't becoming home me. It's been difficult

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