A highlight from Workout: Reclaim Your Life



Number one. I always try to teach us. Declaration number one, the number one declaration of our lives is to reclaim our life. Reclaim our life from other people's expectations. Reclaim our life from all these distractions? Reclaim our life when we took the wrong road. We did something we knew we weren't supposed to do. We did something we don't care about. We got stuck in an opportunity that isn't really right for us. Reclaiming it means changing direction. Reclaiming it means saying sorry, I know that's important to you. It's not important to me now. Are you doing what you're doing because somebody else told you to? But you don't love it? Are you doing what you're doing to serve somebody? Who isn't even aware or grateful to your service? Are you working a day doing a job that you don't even love and you haven't told your boss? I'd rather do this thing than that thing. Did you start a business 'cause you were passionate about it one time, but now you realize, that's not my thing, but you're too embarrassed to quit because what Brendan people know me for that. So I have to do that. That's what I'm known for. There's 7 billion people on the planet. Every one of you can make a pit in it. Right now. Stop giving your agenda. Your time, your energy, your effort. Your life's thrust. Two things that you are not passionate about that don't align with your purpose that don't bring you to life or develop you. Period. That's taking your life back. It's taking the reins back. It's taking back command of our day of our life. It's putting you back in control of the reins and yanking those back and saying, I'm in command. I'm gonna take command back of my life. No longer am I gonna hand over control? Nope, my life again. Some of you, it's time to quit something. And reclaiming your life's agenda means you quit. Means you leave means you move. Some of you reclaiming your wife's agenda means starting something on the side to do something you're more passionate about now. Your life, no one else's, and I think a big part of self mastery is having the guts to make some decisions right now. You gotta make some real decisions in your career. You gotta make some real decisions in your marriage or the relationships that you have. You gotta make some real decisions about how you're gonna live your life. Where you're gonna live, how you spend your time, your day. That's big stuff. That's reclaiming your life's agenda. 'cause your life's agenda is adding to something. Every day's time management is leading to an event horizon. Right? All is going to lead to a certain type of character who you are. A certain quality of relationships, certain quality of career. I'm telling you, yank the reins back be ferocious about it. Take command again. I mean, get fired up about it. If you've been just going through the motions, it's because you're going through somebody else's motions. Got it? If you feel like life is humdrum, it's because you're living somebody else's life and it feels humdrum. You gotta steal back. The reins. And sometimes you gotta grab the reins for somebody else. Yank them back and you gotta take control of that cart again. It's time to

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