A highlight from Worlds Apart: Dubai Expo, Nintendo's Expansion Pack, and Measurements


Back to the infants walk that we're very jets. Yeah it's been the warriors my favorite thing to do is to talk to adam before we start recording. Pretend like everything's normal in minnesota. Soon as he hits record. I say the most random thing just to see what he does. Sorry off of course especially when recorded in like a month. So i mean i'll even a month. I think so busy. This is our new monthly podcast. Which would still be a lot more than probably what we recorded this year. I will say the the fact that. I am in the location that i am right. Now is certainly inhibiting my ability to record or to be as a productive in this in pencil endeavor as i would like to be the reason. Why if you following our youtube or tick-tock or our instagram or any other at our twitter or your brother. Alex you'll see a lot of. The output is coming from jess and not me because i'm engaged in other activities. Keep me while busy am i time. Difference our time differences absolutely say. I mean adams. He lives at the south pole right now. Yeah what is what is the current time at the south pole. The actual south bolt. Oh i the current time. Here's six thirty in the morning time. There is like ten thirty nine anything at this apple time ago on. Ut does do. I think they still have time zone. Yeah self call the time zones meat so the south pole station. What is the time. Maybe it's just like a black hole where there is no time during the winter. There's stark all the time. So i mean mcmurdo which station which is the largest one in antarctica wonder what time zone therein will according to google. Which the sorcery thing and it goes on every line of longitude due to the south pole. Being situated on the continent of antarctica said time zone the zone name is and argus mcmurdo its new zealand. Time spot make sense twelve hours ahead of. Ut see how it's half a day ahead of atc yeah they. They consider the south pole specifically to be in that. And that time zone. Like the if you look kapadia. There's a whole map that has all the time zones in an article and they consider that one to be either u. t. c. plus for plus thirteen. So interesting so. I do know some things about this mcmurdo station. Which has american operated in the largest location on antarctica of where people are and it is not super close to the south pole comparatively. I forgot how many miles away. So that's probably what's coming arto time in the reason why new zealand is because most of the flights into antarctica come from new zealand. I don't know why but they so there's your fun facts for me. Who got obsessed with antarctica for awhile inside documentary. Read up on everything that good well do. Are you familiar with what section of our gut is currently unplug unclaimed by any country in the world. Now is there. Is there an area yes. It's called mary. Bird land A are i e in byrd b. yard land interesting unclaimed region of antarctica. Basically it's so hostile and uninhabitable that people just that no country is claimed it and people rarely ever go there. I think there's like a. There's like a mountain or like a peak there. The islamic climbed by like twelve people ever like more or less wild so my wish to claim it in what twenty fifty six or whenever the treaty. I mean i'm sure they're going to renew it. But i mean it's unclaimed by any. We had to have like a country to claim a i. You know what i mean. Okay so we got about. I think that w- the treaty. We're talking about if his an people who care about music and video games aren't necessarily overlapping with the people who care about antarctica. But so. If i'm explaining things to the listener That you know. I apologize but The treaty basically says that Antarctica cannot be claimed by any country. No country can own any part of antarctica in. it's only used for scientific good

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