A highlight from 10 Trivia Questions on Loaded Questions


It's ten trivia questions on loaded questions. Where you have to know a few different pieces of information to answer the full question. This is trivia with buds. What do you mean welcome to another episode of the trivia with bud's podcast? I'm your host Ryan budds. Thanks for checking out my show. Today's episode's unloaded questions. They're a little bit tougher, you have to know a few different things to be able to answer them. We'll get to that in just a second. But I want to give a shout out to Jen wojnar, who has been a Patreon subscriber of mine for quite some time now. I used to work with Jen in California a and a bunch of different things like ridiculousness and crash leads and NBC's history of comedy special. Oh man, that was a fun one. Jen wojnar is a $10 patron and has been part of my Patreon since June 26th, 2018. So three years plus for jenn, thank you so much Jen for that support, especially before COVID and everything that has been super helpful in keeping everybody afloat over at the buds house. So thank you, thank you, thank you. And if you want to be like, Jen, you can support the show at Patreon dot com slash trivia with buds. All the links to my website and Patreon and all that good stuff are in the show notes for every episode. And Jen is such a loyal friend, huge fan of squirrel girl. If you guys know score girl and she works at Disney marvel right now, so shout out to Jen logna. We're gonna jump into today's episode. I do have a couple of random trivia questions before we start today. This is from a game called the weakest link. The board game from 2001 or two maybe. And I've been using these questions because they have a good mix of questions on every card front and back. So here's a couple warmup questions before the loaded questions today. Number one, what actress an award winning singer started CC bloom in the 1988 film beaches? That was Bette Midler, Bette Midler. How about this one? What B is the name of the Commonwealth country made up of approximately 700 Atlantic islands. The answer there is. Bahamas, Bahamas, and your last little warmup question when playing standard chess does the white queen or the white king start on the white square? The answer there is the white Queen at the white queen starts on the white square. I would have no idea. That's a tough one. 50 50, though, I guess, so that makes it easier. All right, these will not be so easy. It's loaded questions. We've got ten of them and we're jumping into them right now. Here we go. Loaded question trivia. Let's see what you know. Number one Michaela Quinn, James kildare and Doug Ross were all these on TV. Number one, Michaela Quinn, James kildare and Doug Ross, were all these on TV. Number one. Number two, the number of band members in zz top, the police and Nirvana combined. Number two, the number of band members and zz tap the police in Nirvana combined. Two.

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