A highlight from Lio Rush is The Man Of The Hour

Talk Is Jericho


All right, welcome to talk is Jericho. It is the plot of thunder and rock and roll. And let's go with the much anticipated Duff mckagan joke of the week. Chris Jericho definitely keg and Collins. You know what? I just found out it's a really bad idea to take a dog's name shark down to the beach. Sean. Thank you, spot. That is a good one on the delivery of rock and roll Hall of Famer death mckagan. Thanks for delivering each and every week. Always great starting in the weekend with a laugh and starting your year with a laugh with one of the greatest parties you could ever have. Talking about March 14th, the 18th, the four leaf clover. Chris Jericho's rock and ruston rager at sea, sign up now for the pre booking list and you can get your cabin before anybody else before we go on sale to the general public. And if you do that and book your cabin during the exclusive presale, you'll get a picture with me and a commemorative cruise flag Chris Jericho rock and ruston raider flag. You can only get that if you sign up early. And of course to be treating yourself to the vacation of a lifetime when we set sail next march. It's going to be a blast. I'm already working hard. I'm booking talent. Actually, I got the lineup all set. We're going to announce that probably in a week or so. Just go to Chris Jericho cruise dot com, sign up for the exclusive presale, get the commemorative exclusive flag, a picture with me and reserve your cabin today. All right, come rock with fozzy as well in the UK. The European leg of fozzy saved the world tour kicks off. November 29th in Liverpool at the famous cavern club where The Beatles got their start. We're gonna do a deep dive on the cavern club and talk as Jericho in a week or two. There's only a handful of tickets left for the cavern club. Manchester sold out Newcastle still tickets for that at the riverside, Glasgow sold out Dublin sold out Belfast at the limelight one still some tickets left. Chester sold out Swansea Nottingham, London sold out. Still some tickets left for Birmingham and Bournemouth. We start like we said, I

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