Scottsdale Moms Targeted by Secret Dossier Speak Out


We have with us two moms who are fighting for liberty and freedom Amanda ray and Valerie Shannon. Get those names right? Yeah, good. Thank you. From Scottsdale, Arizona, so our audience is sort of briefed and versed on this whole drama. And partially so because I called out Jan Michael Greenberg for being a creep like months ago when I spoke at the because I just was like kind of a weird guy. And you guys have been on the front lines of this for a while. In Scottsdale, moms that were concerned about your kids education and you came out and spoke out about that, but in the recent weeks and now days this has become a national news story of what we have seen in Scottsdale. So let's just start from there. Let's start first kind of why were you concerned about your kid's education and then how did you get your how do you get into this? Do you ever think that you would be kind of in the midst of a national news story like this? No, not at all. I think like all of us we were not really paying attention to what was happening in education. And then when COVID hit and our kids came home and we started to get a bird's eye view into the classroom of what's happening. And then I realized how much control that school boards have. I didn't know a single board member's name. So when I found out that they had the ability to keep us learning, online, we started researching, and we discovered Jan Michael Greenberg, who was a 24 year old boy, unmarried, no children in the district had run unopposed and elected to make decisions for our children. And so, we tried to figure out what's his, what's his reason here? He was listed as a politician on his Facebook page, and I was like, well, this is nonpartisan. Why is he here? So we started to advocate for parental rights and transparency in the district and moms have instincts. And I think we all just like there's something not right here. And so we followed that and we just pulled that thread and then in August, in an unsolicited email, Jan Michael sent a screenshot of his desktop to another parent, as he was harassing her and calling her anti semitic and a white supremacist and told us that we were dangerous. Because because of a George Soros implication. Yeah, a screenshot of something that was said in a private group, he attacked her. We've always kept it to his issues and his behavior on the board, but he pulls the race car. Of course he does. Yeah, and he's a white male so he's an impressive, unless he pulls a race car, so he's got to pull something. So that's how it started. And he sent us the screenshot. We actually didn't follow it for a long time, because who's dumb enough to send a URL without password protecting it? So we then typed in the URL and I clicked on the link and physically got ill seeing photos of my 8 and ten year old, photos of me, photos of my homes and property records, background checks on 47 different parents. And it was yeah. I mean, we all just I was

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