Park in Pelosi's District Slated to Receive $200M


So what is the deal? I'm gonna have a column up at The Washington Post shortly on Nancy Pelosi, $200 million for the presidio park. What is the deal with that, Jake? How in the world does someone justify $200 million for your neighborhood park? Well, it is a very nice park, but you're right. I actually have not completely seen how they how in the text it directs the money to the presidio park, whether it makes the presidio park eligible for the funds or as you know you, but many people don't know sometimes in the era of note earmarks, sometimes language is written that only makes one entity eligible like it says for parks that include X Y and Z and our of a certain size. But yes, I mean, listen, this is the power of being a congressional leader, right? I mean, we saw how Rogers used to do this when he was the appropriation share used to shuffle lots of money to Kentucky and Shelby Richard Shelby of Alabama does the same thing for Alabama. But you're absolutely right. It's something that people are outraged about.

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