A highlight from Our favorite playoff moments (so far) + Tuesday/Thanksgiving lookahead w/ Cole Bassett



Extra time is exactly how I find it out. What's going on in the MLS? Maybe this podcast is influenced me a little bit as well. Everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory. We're trying to cook up some great stuff for you guys. That's why he's here. From New York, New York, you are listening to extra time driven by continental tire from the AT&T 5G virtual studios. I am Andrew weebie with my partners in soccer. Matt Doyle. David goss, kalen Carr from 14 to ten, the Audi 2021 and most got playoffs. Are whittling away at those who want to live to fill up and choose trophy on December 11th. We had a nice weekend, two double headers, a lot of fun, Tuesday, another double header on FS1, Nashville Orlando, Seattle, Salt Lake. Thanksgiving Day, Colorado, Portland, you saw those goals from Sebastian Blanco, we're gonna talk to col Bassett on this show today. He's seen it all in Colorado, boys, what's up? How are you feeling? I'm nice and fresh this morning because I wasn't on the show last night, but I enjoyed what you had to offer. Everybody feeling good, feeling great. Like you're off back to backs here. Yeah? I mean, I'm ready to go can do another back to back today. Let's play two. One here on this show. How about this? Give me your top moment so far. And Dave, I think we gotta start with you, 'cause all of us have only experienced it from afar. But you saw history in person. It was the dupes dupe of all dupe. Yeah, I drove down from New York City, where I live. Obviously, the greatest city in the world to Subaru park for the Red Bull Philly game. It was awesome. You get down and you just feel the energy the moment you pull into the parking lot and just a bunch of random tailgates walking around, talking to people, meeting people. Man, the light blue with the electric shock Jersey. That thing is so nice. And when you see like 5000 of them in person, you're like, yeah, take my money. I really wanted those. And then you get into the building. I've been to what two U.S. open cups there have been to some college stuff there. I've been to other MLS action, but this thing was electric. Like freezing day, sun setting on the river stadium packed to the gills and everyone just locked in and a ton of belief in the stadium and then the second half, I think it started to go away a little. And I was on the opposite end right behind the goal of where glass nest scored. And so I'm sitting there. And I see him chest it down and the ball leaves his foot and I can see the window that he has to aim for. And all of a sudden, as it goes over Cornell's hand, it drops to the right into that window. And I leap up and I go like this and I'm screaming and I looked at my right and my two friends who are Red Bull fans are just seated. There's my interest there. There's a great video from somewhere in the stadium going around. I think I saw on Reddit. As soon as the ball drops to glasses, the whole stadium is like shoot like they know that this guy could hit him from there.

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