Margot Cleveland Reports About Pennsylvania Officials Destroying Election Equipment


Actually four videos that I've received from a source who is involved in or close to some litigation that was just filed late last week in Pennsylvania And there are more videos out there But of the four there are three that are really looking at the destruction of the evidence from the 2020 election And just to make clear we're not talking about them changing the results but what we're talking about is the material the backup support being destroyed So in one of them you have two individuals talking and one is saying to get rid of some equipment And the other guy said it's actually pads and scanners And the other gentleman on the recording says we can't talk about it anymore in the first one says why He says it's a felony And that is the end of the clip But if you look at the lawsuit what the allegation in there is that there was a whistleblower who was in the room and after there was an encouragement to have a private conversation because there were other people in the room And the same individual was taping some of the other things that were going on including the destruction of tapes that were showing the results from the voting machines And all of this appears to be triggered by a right to know request that was served on Delaware county in Pennsylvania So this is all coming from the allegations of the lawsuit And those videos were filed along with the lawsuit It's linked to my article You can watch them for yourself the other little snippets They don't have the whole thing there which would be pretty much impossible to do anyway

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