Breitbart News: Biden Will Deliver Speech on Economy Before His Thanksgiving Vacation


Joe Biden planning to blame business for inflation and higher prices breitbart writes He's going to blame them for rising prices and higher inflation this week as his poll numbers continue to plunge The president is scheduled a speech on the economy and lowering prices for the American people unquote at The White House tomorrow before he leaves for his Thanksgiving vacation in Nantucket Massachusetts Why is he going to Nantucket Shouldn't he go to math as vineyard with all the other kooks It's got to be a Kennedy there somewhere There's like 4 billion of them But ladies and gentlemen he's gonna blame business for rising prices and higher inflation He's going to use the worst kind of propaganda demagoguery Now he doesn't use it on the communist Chinese and G doesn't use it on the fascist Russians and impute and he doesn't use it on the islamo Nazis and Tehran Now he uses it on Americans whether it's Republican state legislature What honey Oh my pants are down Anyway so The guy that created this situation with inflation gasoline prices food prices he's going to blame the very entities that are saying stop the regulations Stop the prohibition Stop the taxes They're very businesses That we're providing plentiful fuel at a very low price that we're providing plentiful feud at a food at a very low price Plenty of everything The shells were full even during the height of the pandemic This guy comes in the one man wrecking ball and he's gonna blame them They're very people who say let us drill and produce more natural gas and oil Let us frack Now you can't do that Well the prices are going to go up the supply is going to go down We're going to have to peck We're going to have to rely even on our enemies And then he blames those

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