A highlight from Futbol Americas: Top moments from the CONCACAF Octagonal



That to adapt and move on and get better. Something that I don't think that the martino is. Gregg hoped to make it lineups wrong, but he is a wizard and fixing those. Second half adjustments, those are his thing. And he's got a great repertoire when it comes to the player and manager. Something that martino does not. I worry about that. Martino and his judgment. His pulse on the domestically, which Greg Warhol has a very good pulse on Major League Soccer. I don't think that the martini has a very good pulse on Leigh Mikey's. When it comes to player relations that deteriorating player relation, those, if you will, he keeps blacklisting players. He prioritizes his own personal experiences with these players over the sporting experiences these players could have on the national team. And ultimately, his stubbornness is his unwillingness to change for the greater good. I have to go with Greg halter. So I have far less confidence in Tata martino than I have in Greg berhalter. But since you're throwing praise all over the U.S. manager, let me ask you this. What's your biggest complaint about him? Is it player selection, right? The guys that he calls into the team or chooses to leave out. Is it the starting lineups, which have been heavily criticized? Is it maybe the in game management or is it something like performances? Because if you're gonna go down the line and performances, I think you're being too critical and way too harsh. No U.S. team and really no Mexico team has ever dominated from a performance standpoint and concave and certainly not a way. Correct. No, it's more of him being a wild card 'cause I could say he's going to have changes, but he always throws us for a loop. He always throws us for. It's not bad. Well, I'd like to know what I'm good 'cause if he's through to know so with the other coach. Well, so what is players? You know, so what a set DNA. So what a set lineup, a set 11, those type of things. You can't always and I know he praises the amount of players he's given an opportunity to some like 27 different players have gotten a World Cup qualifying debut. I don't necessarily think that's a good thing. Sometimes it's good to know who your players are and who you can count them. Sometimes it's good to know who you are, and sometimes I'd like to know that about the coach. So it's a little difficult. So to the point about kind of the extracurricular stuff. You mentioned burr holterman. He's got such a good vibe around this team with a young players getting experience that dual knots. You even sense it hurt, and I know you, 'cause we've been out on the road. You sense it from fans. The engagement with the U.S. men's national team feels like it's if not in an all time high, at least in all time high of over what, the last 5 or 6 years with Mexico, it feels like the total opposite, right? Everything around this team. Even things that have nothing to do with data Martina. Things like the chant. Everything is very negative, playing in front of anthy stadiums. There's a great negativity around Tata martino right now and I never thought I would say this, but even if you just look at the matchups between them as managers, maybe not the gold Cup final, maybe not the nation's League final, but certainly the game in Cincinnati. The U.S. were better than Mexico. Tata martino, who has a vastly better CV and resume her was out managed by Greg berhalter in that game, wasn't he? Not

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