Meeting Near Russian Border, NATO Weighs Response to Moscow


Meanwhile, other news across the world, the U.S. and allies are weighing a response to the Russian military build up around the world. There's a meeting of NATO foreign minister. You know, Anthony blinken comes in. I have very good friends with very good friends with Tony blanken and they love him. But I do think he's the smallest guy in every room. And I think that matters when you're talking about Putin and Putin is planning to invade the Ukraine. It's not like it's a secret. He got a 100,000 people there. If you wanted to turn, send some NATO trips to Ukraine. That's how you deter it. All right? So they're not doing that because they don't want to have a war with them. And if you don't have a war with them, you're not really deterring them. Unless you send Ukraine, every anti tank weapon there is, and every artillery piece and everything else that can be used to blow up Russian tanks. Because that's what's coming in. Not little green men but Russian tank. So this is not having meetings in Riga Latvia, do not do the trick. That's not going to do it. What's going to do it is serious

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