Ingratitude Leads to Tragedy


Dare I say Thanksgiving is a threat to the left? The ethos of it is, of course it is. Now I'm not saying that every leftist is going to boycott Thanksgiving tomorrow. I'm sure they're going to enjoy pie in Turkey. But do you think that the discussion amongst a true leftist tomorrow? It's going to be one of wonder and adoration and respect and appreciation or one about complaining, one about forming coalitions to change things. Now, trust me, I'm not saying that we don't have to fix anything in this nation. What I am saying, though, is that the awe and wonder of the citizen led checked and balanced, independent judiciary consent to the governed system that we live in. Granted from God, not by government is one that every person should be in awe and wonder of tomorrow. And of course, thankful for family, thankful for getting through the last couple of years. Every bad idea. That is currently being discussed on the international stage. Every bad idea that killed over a 100 million people was rooted in ingratitude. Do you think Joseph Stalin was a thankful man? Do you think Mao Zedong was a thankful man? Do you think Benito Mussolini was a thankful man? In gratitude, leads to tragedy.

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