A highlight from Start or Sit (NFC); Beckham; Jets-Colts (11/05 Fantasy Football Podcast)


Of adam. Dave jamie heath. Friday a happy friday for the indianapolis colts a little dicey there. At the end we'll recap the game. And is it a happy. Friday for odell beckham. Free odell beckham. You say he has been free. I don't know if you say that but he has been freed has been released the end of an era in cleveland. Pretty interesting stuff. We've got six. Nfc home games to take a look at tastes them hill. We'll hopefully be starting and the chargers. Eagles game is fascinating. The cardinals niner's game dave fascinating. Also they should play it on madden because none of the actual players are going to be in good enough shape to play. Oh well that well maybe they can play on ad and we will petition the league anyway. Welcome to your friday show and we will We'll get into it. We'll give you all the injury updates as well and talk about beckham a little bit. I colts forty five. Forty five and giants or jets. Thirty sorry jets. Thirty of bad football teams on the mind here. So this kind of this kinda lame for michael carter. Right of what happened well. I i don't know if it's mike white getting hurt or the jet saying we need to change up what we do or maybe it's a little bit of both but you had to figure that they couldn't get by throwing little passes. Five six yards past. Scrimmage two running backs and receivers and tight ends and mike. Why did air it out a little bit more. In the time. That he played the touchdown to elisha. Moore's proof of that and When he got hurt. Josh johnson came in and it just seemed like a little bit of a different type of an offense johnson. Little more focused on throwing downfield more so than dinking ducking his way and as a result only one catch although he had to play. That count is passing plays. That helped him look. This was bound app. And it's unfortunate that it happened. Here carter with dud. Yeah he had eighty six total yards. So it's not it's not the worst thing you know everybody expected more especially npr leagues men. Like i knew that he wasn't going to be able to get eight nine catches something like that. But i was still expecting in the neighborhood of five especially four. Officially one fifty two pass attempts. You know that's what's really surprising. And then you get. That annoying tied johnson touchdown cash. And you're thinking why can't that be mccarter. But at least we have maybe a coming out party for allies more. So let's say. I know you can't do it right now. You can only pick up beckham now if you could in you land pickup beckham or allies. More would you pick up without knowing what team odell beckham. 's going to I'd probably say odell beckham okay. Sixty three minutes to say that. I don't like elisha more. You guys know how much i like.

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