It's Been a Great Week for Republicans AKA the 'Party of Parents'


Start. This last week was phenomenal for Republicans. So last week was terrific in New Jersey and Virginia. Republicans won the Virginia House of delegates everybody. Statewide the Virginia, lieutenant governors raised Virginia governors race with junkin, the Seattle city attorneys race. They elected a Republican, the New Jersey state Senate president was defeated by a truck driver Edward durr even though. Steve Sweeney will not concede. He says, oh, there's thousands of ballots we're still defined. He's pulling his best Tony Soprano. Frank Underwood impression possible trying to declare a state of emergency to go find ballots. Republicans had momentum. We won everything you could possibly have asked for and then some. Republicans were riding high and they weren't riding high because voters showed up in record numbers and said, hey, you know, mister junkin, you know what we need? We need electric charging vehicle stations. You know what we need mister junkin? We need to go spend $1.2 trillion that we don't have. No. Mom's and dad showed up and they voted for Republicans in the first time in a decade because they sought was happening in their schools. Rural parts of Virginia showed up in record numbers at a higher percentage clip than they even did support Donald Trump and Republicans started to build this coalition. That was pro family and also anti leftist. That ran up against the power structures of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the abuse within. Higher education, the public sector teacher unions Republicans finally seemed to have its groove for a couple days for a couple days we started to see headlines from CNN and Washington Post Democrats on defense, time to do a detox. And then you saw this Democrat Civil War begin of one part of the Democrat party start to say that we need to be we need to recommit ourselves to the party of parents and you had pramila jayapal worried that the Republican parties becoming the party of parents, which I'm going to say on this show until someone starts to listen to me, the party appearance is phenomenal

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