A highlight from The Tour Catch-Up: Novak notches No.1 year end ranking (again); Russia rules BJK Cup; Murray's Parisian heartbreaker; Timed toilet breaks (!) at Next Gen. Finals; Raducanu ready for Linz; Stockholm Sinnerdrome


Djokovic sells the yearend number one ranking yet again. Russia capture the Billie Jean King cup. At the end of season fields are set for Turin and Guadalajara. Kim, what a week it has been on the ATP and WTA tours we have just had the Paris masters. The last masters of the ATP tour this season and we have a familiar face as our champion, Novak Djokovic coming through against Daniel Medvedev. We are also looking forward to the WTA end of season finals as well in Guadalajara. They're all going out there in a moment. I see they are touching down in the airport at a mariachi band is a greeting them on arrival. And we've also got all the latest tournaments in Stockholm for the men and ATP two 50 and linz as well for the women on the WTA side with Emma Fragonard and Simona Halep playing. So even though we're at the end of the season, we've still got so much tennis to look forward to. I haven't even spoken about the fact that we've got the next gen finals as well. Let's start in Paris. Novak Djokovic seals a year end number one, wins Paris for what I think 6, 7th time. It's one of his favorite masters, masters to play, I think. And yeah, he beats Daniel Medvedev in a three set thriller coming through and getting a bit of revenge from the U.S. open final. Yes, 6th Paris masters for Novak Djokovic. 7th year end number one. Normal service has been regime. I feel oddly comforted by the fact that Novak Djokovic has won a master series and, you know, because it's just so obvious that he would win and it's almost yeah, like this weird kind of, I don't know, it's things felt right of the world because Djokovic, you know, did what he was supposed to do and won. Yes, it was three sets, four 6, 6, three, 6 three. So coming through against, yeah, the man who beat him in that year's even final a couple of months ago. And, you know, Djokovic said afterwards that he had gone back and obviously looked closely at that final to see what went wrong for him and what he should implement this time around in the next match. And you know, he did certainly make some changes. You know, he came into the net a lot, which proved very fruitful for Novak. I think, you know, points one four shots and less in the rally. You know, he was significantly up on those and obviously a very effective strategy from that kind of end of the first set onwards. And yeah, coming through as Novak does. So you know, remember that I've had a great week, but Djokovic back on top as I guess he should be. Yeah, it was, I think people were quite reassured, I think with a final between the top two players and they are, I think the top two players this season in terms of what they've shown us on a tennis court. And I think everyone was really excited to have that as the final. And I think, you know, it was interesting because it was a rematch from the U.S. open final. When for Novak Djokovic, it was, you know, he still had those hopes of a perfect season. And, you know, his tactics in that final, you felt like you know, he felt that maybe he could beat Daniel Medvedev at his own game, just trading baseline to baseline. He would have been able to kind of wear him down. But that didn't happen. And he didn't obviously he ended up as a runner up at the U.S. open. So he did change his tactics, didn't he? And it was quite obvious, I think, in this match in terms of, as you said, he tried to shorten the points I feel come into the net. He was doing a lot of serving volley as well. And I think one of the reasons for that was Daniel Medvedev is kind of position on return is quite far behind the baseline. I feel like he likes to take a few steps further back so that when that ball is coming towards him, there's less speed on it, the further he stands back to his less chance that he creates an error for himself. So it was quite interesting, I think, to see that from Djokovic. And I think worked really, really well for him. I think his first percentage as well was another kind of point of difference between him and Medvedev, particularly in the second and third sets, but yeah, I think it was a very it was a very, very good performance from Djokovic because he just really kind of scraped through against hub at her cash in the semifinals. And watching Medvedev kind of ruthlessly thrash as I think for the 5th time in a row, 6 two 6 two. I was sort of thinking, you know, Novak Djokovic, if he wants to get this revenge on Medvedev, he is going to need to up his game, but yeah, I was quite happy because yeah, he went and learned his lessons. And I think, again, it just shows you even though you're considered one of the greatest of all time to step foot on a tennis court. There are still many things you can learn. And I think this is an example of that. And how it has changed, I guess, from flushing meadow to Paris mercy. Yeah, much more variety. You know, he said, afterward, that is what wins against Medvedev. You can't just sort of play him at his own game and Novak did that. And I think it was sort of classic Djokovic. It was sort of two all in that last set and he managed to get the break and then sort of one 9 of the next 11 points. Suddenly, be up 5 three, and it's just, you know, you can't let that happen critical point in the final set decider. So, yeah, I mean, know that will be in prime position, I guess for the terrain event, like he's come back, played Paris, which he may not have even really been expecting to win, perhaps he might have just wanted to get a few matches under his belt before the finals. But here he is with the title and perhaps they'll meet again. I think it's probably quite likely that we'd see at least one match in two room between these two. Yes, definitely. I mean, they're both, I mean, they're both as well on an indoor hard court, very, very impressive. I mean, never dev is 19 and two on indoor courts since start of last year's tournament in Paris. So, you know, he's no fool on it on a indoor hardcore and I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with a final intern between Djokovic and Medvedev because it does feel like they are a cut above everyone else. And, you know, a lot of it was a lot of interesting talk about going into this match around the head to head and this rivalry and people talking about this this is the rivalry that has really kind of I think captured people's imaginations more than any other rivalry I think over the over this season. We haven't had as many or if any really Federer, Nadal matches. Yes, we've had Djokovic. Nadal in parts, but it feels like this is a rivalry that has really this season, I think, cemented itself as certainly one of the marquee matches for fans to look forward to and it will be I would be curious to see how they go. Because I still think that Medvedev has, you know, the weapons to beat Djokovic, but I think he's going to now need to he's now going to need to do a Novak Djokovic and reassess this match and go and watch it back to understand you know what he needs to do in Turin because it does feel like Djokovic is answer to Medvedev's wall like play from the bass line is to shorten the shorten the points by coming into net and doing a bit of serving volley.

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