Sen. Mike Lee's Comments on Challenging COVID Vaccine Mandates in Court


Now the Republicans have brought a lawsuit other groups daily wires bringing a lawsuit Others are bringing suits I hope they seek at least some kind of temporary injunction as well don't you Yes Yes I hope they do And look I think there is a very significant likelihood here Of beating this thing in the courts Now we can't rely on the courts to do it as we saw last week from the Supreme Court And that main dispute the Supreme Court refused to weigh in on an emergency basis So maybe there are enough justices who were not willing to intervene on an emergency basis I hope they'll do differently In this case given one of the egregious overreach under federal law that this is But Mark I tend to think maybe I'll get this wrong I tend to think this is the most egregious single act of presidential overreach since April 8th 1952 When Harry Truman seized every steel mill in the United States for the benefit of the Korean War effort the Supreme Court smacked that down only took him a couple of months I think the same thing needs to happen here But Mark there is a reason why the Biden administration waited Two months before issuing this thing And I think that reason has a whole lot to do with the fact that they knew corporate America would be scrambling to try to comply and not be flat footed Well in advance of this thing kicking in They knew that corporate America would do their dirty work and fire a lot of people in the maintenance That is disgraceful It's

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