A highlight from EP85. The truth about wild-harvested beauty


Now that naturals have become the norm for many beauty products, it stands to reason that the cosmetics industry is clamoring for interesting and exotic botanicals to make the latest and greatest claims for their formulations. Indeed, when you attend any cosmetics industry trade show, you tend to be bombarded with the hottest new plants and in the rarest pockets of the most far flung places around the world. But given that the beauty industry encourages us to consume endless personal care products, should we really be using that many rare and exotic plants? And if we do, should they be cultivated for us, potentially using land that could be used to feed people, or should we be using wild populations of plants? As you'll remember from my recent podcast on whether essential oils can ever be sustainable, we discussed this very topic. And it's one that I feel the beauty industry really isn't addressing properly yet. So what happens when beauty brands decide to go down the wild harvesting all wild sourced route for the plants in their formulations? How do we know that this is a sustainable way to source ingredients? One certification body called fair wild is working hard to look after our global wild plant resources and the people that depend on them. In this episode, we're going to pick apart how the beauty

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