Democrats Go on the Offense With Biden's Agenda


Christian cinema is the subject of Selena zito's latest column in the New York Post and it's a terrific one. Selena joined me from Pittsburgh also in morning after a football lost this weekend, like the browns. Good morning, Selena, happy November 30th, to 29th to. Good morning, happy November 29th year as well. You know, I am very beleaguered by the browns lost late last night to the ravens the Steelers got blown out. We are both not likely to go to the playoffs, though it's possible for the browns. I don't think it's possible for the Steelers anymore. So you might be depressed, but I like your cinema piece because I read a lot of the build back better Texas this weekend. I'm up to page 800. It's a nightmare for Democrats. Yeah. I mean, I haven't been that diligent in reading it because I've fall asleep. But I completely agree with you. There's so much in there. And, you know, it's really interesting, I think, to me, here in western Pennsylvania, the amount of ads being run by Democrat affiliate organizations that would side with the Democrats pushing them not only to vote for this, but also to make more amendments to add more things. And I'm just sort of stunned. Watching these ads call senators Casey. Make sure he adds this to build that

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