South African president appoints judge to oversee weapons-for-Russia inquiry


The South African president Cyril ramaphosa has appointed a judge to oversee an inquiry into allegations the country supplied arms to Russia. The U.S. ambassador to South Africa claims weapons and ammunition were loaded onto a Russian flagged cargo ship that secretly docked at a naval base near Cape Town in December last year, ambassador Ruben brickett indicated that the allegations were based on U.S. intelligence and that he would bet his life on the accuracy of his claim. The container carrying ship named lady R is already under U.S. sanctions for being tied to a company that has transported weapons to aid the Russian war effort in Ukraine, South Africa has denied there was any government sanctioned deal to provide weapons to Russia, although it hasn't categorically ruled out that an unofficial transaction took place involving another entity. The South African president's office says the panel has 6 weeks to complete its investigations and another two weeks from then to provide a report to ramaphosa. I am Lawrence Brooks

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